Java API will be replace by OpenJDK on new Android 'N' Version

Finally Google has decided to replace Oracle 's Java API with OpenJDK API on the new Android 'N' version. Google has taken this decision because of the dispute related to Oracle's copyright and patent claims on Java API used in Google's Android operating system. Google is going to use OpenJDK in the new Android 'N' version. OpenJDK is also an alternative Java API still owned by Oracle. OpenJDK (Open Java Development Kit) is a free and open source version of JDK (Java Development Kit)

But it's better if Google can implement their own language Go on Android. Go Language is also becoming very popular. It is among the top 20 programming languages and it is also a very successful language which is implemented by Google in their web applications too. (Read more about Go Language here.) They can improve Go Language to be used on Android. So they have their own language for developing in their Mobile OS similar to Apple's Swift Language.


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