Archivo Elements - File Upload and Download Buttons

Archivo Elements is a collection of web components that helps developers to integrate file upload and file download features to their web applications. Archivo Elements contains two button elements to handle file upload and file download. These two buttons are customizable. You can use these elements in any web framework. Archivo Elements was build using Stencil.js.

Getting Started

To get started with Archivo Elements, you can use following methods:

  • Usage via Script Tag:

  • Installation from NPM:

Using Archivo Upload Button

To include Archivo Upload Button in your project, use the following code:

  • Attributes of Archivo Upload Button:

artitle: [String] Specify the title of the button.
araccept: [String] Specify what file types the user can pick from the file input dialog box. Learn More
artitle: [boolean] Specify whether to accept multiple files or not. (Default: false).

  • Methods of Archivo Upload Button

getFileData(): Returns uploaded file(s) as an array of Data URLs.

Using Archivo Download button

To include Archivo Download Button in your project, use the below code:

  • Attributes of Archivo Download Button:

artitle: [String] Specify the title of the button.
arfilename: [String] Specify name of the downloading file.
armimetype: [String] Specify the format of the file. Learn More.
ardata: [any] Pass file data to download. (Note: for media file types like images, audio, videos data should be passed in Data URL format)

Send Suggestions or Report an Issue

The project is still in beta and we keep improving it. We gladly welcome your suggestions and opinions. Please feel free to suggest a feature or report an issue here.

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