Discover Movies and TV Series More Easily with this New Google Search Feature

Google introduced a new feature to help users easily find recommendations for TV series and featured films to watch. For instance, when searching directly in Google Search for terms such as "movies", "series" or "action movies", it will show suggestions available on your preferred streaming platforms. 

This feature is available for mobile and desktop. This allows you to discover new films or series to watch in a form of information cards. Click on an information card to view details like the year of release, trailer (if available) and on which streaming platform they can be watched.

If you are logged in with your Google account and you have enabled Google browsing history through your Google account, you will be able to see recommendations based on your browsing history. So there's more possibility to see personalized recommendations based on your interests. You can use the available controls to filter the recommendations according to genres, providers (such as Netflix) etc.


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